Although the so-called hemp medicine has been used for centuries (positive influence of hemp on the human body was known by ancient Chinese), we still know relatively little about it. But What are the side effects of hemp?

All of this because there is no broad discourse on the actual use of cannabidiol in the therapy of various diseases. Many people identify industrial cannabis with marijuana, which is, of course, completely untrue. Modern research unambiguously points to the treatment of CBD oil properties. Question: does its use have any side effects? In our article, we dispel doubts on this subject.

Let’s start from the beginning: what is the CBD?

CBD, or else cannabidiol, is simply vegetable fat contained in cannabis. It is obtained by extraction only from plants cultivated industrially, thus not containing an active substance called THC. Do not put an equal sign between cannabis and cannabis. Their chemical compositions differ significantly. For therapeutic purposes, we use only industrial cannabis.

CBD has a very wide application. Products containing hemp oil support the therapy of various diseases: from those dermatological, pains, to the relief of the effects of drug-resistant epilepsy. Many patients have also found out that cannabidiol can support the body in the fight against cancer, leukemia or mental illness.

The CBD oils are the most popular all over the world and they are easy to use and help in various ailments. They can be stored without a problem, for example in a purse without fear that they will cause unhealthy interest of other people. But now What are the side effects of hemp? Let’s see.

An interesting fact is that CBD oils are used in the treatment of pets, especially dogs and cats. All thanks to the fact that these animals, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system.

Side effects of using CBD oil: are they missing?

Cannabidiol is a natural, chemically unprocessed vegetable product, therefore it has no psychoactive effect and does not cause unwanted side effects. This means that you can take it safely and without any damage to the body. The condition is one: only reach for the products of renowned brands that have been present on the market for years and take care of the responsible production process. An example is Sequoyalife, the Canadian brand of natural CBD oils.

Cbd oil and side effects

Remember, however, that each body has individual characteristics, therefore it is impossible to predict 100% of the body’s response to the use of CBD oil. Some people have various side effects. Fortunately, they are hardly annoying.


This is the most common side effect of using CBD oil. We emphasize, however, that practically only people who are just beginning cannabidiol therapy and who take it in very large doses struggle with the feeling of fatigue.

In 2014, research on this subject was even carried out. It turned out that in fact, a group of patients taking CBD hempen oil complained of fatigue. However, let us immediately emphasize that the experiment used a measure containing also a significant concentration of THC, and thus a psychoactive substance. Hence, the test result is not reliable.


CBD certainly increases drowsiness, which is quite obvious considering that cannabidiol stimulates the human endocannabinoid system corresponding to, e.g. for a quiet, deep sleep. That’s why hemp oil with a high concentration of CBD is recommended for people suffering from insomnia. Unless of course, you are planning a long car ride.


Does CBD cause diarrhea? This is a far-reaching generalization. Although the study conducted in 2015, in which people suffering from epilepsy participated, it showed that some patients experienced symptoms of diarrhea, but the researchers were unable to indicate any connection with cannabidiol.

One can only guess why some people using hemp oil complain of diarrhea. Well, CBD stimulates digestion, which could explain the increase in bowel activity. However, these are only assumptions, unsupported by any research.

Weight gain

Weight gain is perhaps the most controversial of the alleged side effects of using CBD oil. Some people say that they started using the drug after the start of the treatment, but it can not be said that it is just the cannabidiol’s fault. Indeed, CBD increases appetite, therefore the use of hemp oil is highly recommended for people suffering from anorexia. However, diet and physical activity have the biggest influence on maintaining a slim figure.

Can you relieve the side effects of taking CBD oil?

Yes, you can. The most important thing here is common sense and using adequate doses of the product. So what exactly? Information on the subject is always provided in the leaflet that comes with the CBD packaging. If, however, any doubts arise, it is worth consulting with a family doctor (unless he is prejudiced against so-called hemp medicine).

A visit to the doctor’s office should definitely be planned by people who intend to start treatment with CBD oil, and permanently take any pharmacological agents, eg liver or antineoplastic. The physician should decide whether combining both therapies is safe for health, although there is no conclusive evidence that CBD in any way weakens or enhances the effects of drugs.


Finally, let us mention the most important principle of using CBD oils, which can protect you against possible side effects: never overdo it with dosage. If you experience adverse reactions of the body, reduce the amount of the agent. The recommended dose for people who are just starting treatment is 2-3 mg every 6 hours.