CBD Oils for Cats and Dogs

Not only do you want to ensure your dogs are getting the correct quantity of CBD oil, but also that all of the components are safe for them.

It’s no longer a mystery that CBD has the ability to improve your mood. CBD may benefit people with inflammation, sleep problems, anxiety, and a variety of other ailments, according to expanding studies, and the evidence continues rising.

But humans aren’t the only ones who may benefit from CBD: cats and dogs can also experience its benefits!

Giving CBD oil to your dogs, on the other hand, isn’t as simple as lending them some of your own drops, because you’ll want to be sure they’re getting the right amount and that all of the components are safe for them.

Thankfully, more manufacturers are developing products, particularly for cats and dogs, but where do you begin?

Continue reading to find out what we think are the best CBD oils for cats and dogs.

1. CBD for Dogs from Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most well-known CBD companies in the world, so it’s exciting to see them launch a CBD line for your four-legged pals, albeit, at the moment, just dogs are included.

This CBD line for dogs is created with the same meticulous attention to detail and unique hemp strain as the human version.

2. Sincere Paws

Honest Paws is one of the most trustworthy businesses you may select if you want experts, i.e., brands who specialize just in CBD products for your four-legged companions.

Honest Paws has a reel of testimonials from fur babies all around the world that is constantly updated to attest to their outcomes, and you can tell from the moment you access their site that they care about your dogs.

3. Green Highways

Green Roads is already one of our favourite CBD companies for people, so we were excited to see that the company was expanding to include dogs.

Green Roads now provides CBD oils for both cats and dogs, and these CBD oils may provide the support and relief your nervous kitty or senior canine has been looking for. These CBD oils are also great for stresses that come up from time to time, such as fireworks on July 4th or yearly appointments to the vet.

4. Medterra

Medterra was established on a desire for natural substances that encourage a healthy lifestyle, and they apply this idea to both humans and animals.

Medterra has a variety of CBD products for dogs, all of which include the same high-quality cannabinoids found in your own CBD and are derived from Kentucky-grown industrial hemp and CO2 extraction.

5. Popularity

Populum is a brand known for not only it’s attractive packaging, but also for providing high-quality CBD at a price that is accessible to most beginners, and they’ve successfully incorporated CBD oils and treats specifically for our four-legged friends, all of which are made with the same care and attention as a human-oriented CBD product.

6. JustCBD

While JustCBD has only been on the market for a few years, they have grown tremendously as a company and continue to produce consistently high-quality hemp, even on a bigger scale. This level of attention has been carried over to their CBD oil for cats and dogs.


CBDFX is one of the most renowned businesses on the market, and you’ll appreciate their openness, not just for your personal CBD requirements, but also for your animal companions with their CBD oils for cats and dogs.

They also leave away the inexpensive fillers, leaving only the components that will benefit your pet, and they only use high-quality products. In reality, the only ingredients in this CBD oil are hemp and nutritious coconut oil.

8. Botanicals

Re Botanicals provides high-quality hemp suited for all your animal companions’ CBD needs if you need something simple and uncomplicated for your pet.

Re Botanicals makes its pet tinctures using the same US-grown, organic industrial hemp that is extracted using the most environmentally friendly techniques possible, including CO2.

While this brand of CBD oil only comes in one strength of 300 mg, each 1 mL drop delivers 10 mg, making it simple to modify based on your pet’s requirements or your veterinarian’s recommendations.

9. CBDistillery

CBDistillery is committed to providing non-addictive solutions for consumers to feel better, whether they walk on two or four legs. CBDistillery’s CBD oils for dogs are made from the aerial portions of full-spectrum industrial hemp, which they carefully and methodically create in accordance with FDA requirements.

10. Petly

Petly CBD is a company that was founded by two dog fathers who wanted to produce the finest CBD for their four-legged companions. Petly specializes in CBD oil for cats and dogs, and while they don’t utilize CO2 extraction, they do use food-grade ethanol, which is safe for your pets and removes even the tiniest trace of residual chlorophyll, resulting in the cleanest hemp extract available.