• CBD and Brain Healing

    CBD and Brain Healing – How does CBD help the Brain?

    The active molecule of cannabis is able to infiltrate the central nervous system, where most molecules cannot go. This could be used in the treatment of diseases such as schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s. Treating diseases of the central nervous system such as Alzheimer’s or schizophrenia with cannabis: researchers from the...
  • CBD For Heart Disease

    Is CBD Good For Your Heart Disease?

    CBD, a cannabinoid from the cannabis plant, has become a subject of study for its effects on the cardiovascular system. The compound is proving to be promising as a future therapeutic agent for cardiovascular diseases, partly due to its ability to lower blood pressure and calm inflammation. The cardiovascular...
  • CBD To Reduce Blood Pressure

    The Benefits Of CBD To Reduce Blood Pressure

    Our body is formed by the heart and blood vessels that carry blood throughout the body. When this system fails to function properly it can cause a heart attack, in which an area of the myocardium (muscle part of the heart) dies, or a stroke, which is caused by...
  • Anxiety and CBD Oil

    Anxiety and CBD Oil: How It Can Be Cured?

    Anxiety is an emotional state, pleasant or unpleasant, associated with a state of alert and fear against all that is outside. It is generally an “exaggerated” reaction to the real situation. This emotional state involves not only the individual subject but also the people around him. The symptoms of...
  • CBD Oil

    CBD Oil And Your Health Issues

    The first hemp cultivation dates back to 6000 years ago in China. Hemp is a plant that contains more than 400 natural compounds, among which we find the two main groups of molecules with active properties. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in cannabis. Cannabinoids...
  • Health Benefits of CBD

    Key Health Benefits of CBD for Your Requirements

    Numerous receptors are present in our nervous system. Receptors are like mobile telephony antennas that receive and transmit signals. Just as a repeater receives a specific electromagnetic wave as a signal, receptors also receive specific molecules to receive and transmit certain messages. One of these systems composed of different...