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Known as the curative component of the cannabis plant, cannabidiol or CBD has been one of the go-to remedies for individuals looking for a non-synthetic means of treating their conditions. But what exactly is CBD and just what exactly are the best CBD oil brands out there?

What is CBD and Why Should You Be Paying Attention to Its Quality

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis species commonly in hemp and marijuana. CBD is known to have corrective and restorative properties. CBD generally comes hand in hand with another principal cannabinoid found in both plant species – THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the psychoactive compound that’s responsible for getting you high. Although both CBD and THC act synergistically with one another otherwise known as the “entourage effect”, individuals with specific needs often opt for products that have very little to no trace of THC.

Since then, the demand for CBD products has increased. Some of the more significant factors contributing to its popularity include medical practitioners recognizing its medicinal and therapeutic properties, not to mention the legalization and decriminalization of CBD. In places where it is legalized, some also use if for recreational purposes through the use of vape pens just like Ooze. This all contributes to the growth and development of CBD, and while this can all be good and exciting news, this can also mean that a large number of startups will try to get their hands on this booming industry.

In all honesty, CBD and the CBD industry in the United States are still at an early stage. It’s yet to become a mainstream product that’s generally available for public use. This is why you have to be careful of the products you purchase because the CBD industry isn’t entirely regulated by the FDA. That’s why you need to make sure you know how to choose the best CBD oil.

But if you’re wondering what companies and brands make the most reliable CBD oil products, just read on below because we’ve listed the best 5 CBD oil brands.

1. Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Hemp Extracts

Lazarus Naturals is known for its high-quality products as well as for its superb customer support service. All products sold by Lazarus Naturals contain CBD extract and are tested by third-party laboratories for both potencies and for heavy metals. This means that every product with their name slapped on it is free from micro toxins and mycotoxins as well as pesticides and other harmful byproducts that could affect the human body after ingestion. That’s why Lazarus Naturals is first on our list. While it’s been common practice for big CBD manufacturers to have their products tested, Lazarus Naturals have been a pioneer and have been known to follow the guidelines in the Cannabis Monograph of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

If you’re using CBD for medication, then companies like Lazarus Naturals are the ones you should be looking for. Products that have been tested from residual solvents are safe for human consumption. The company was founded on the idea that high-quality CBD products should be made available to those who need them. You’ll see advocates, supporters, and patrons of the brand in online forums like Reddit.

Lazarus Naturals also offers assistance programs that provide consumers with up to 60% discount on their products. I mean what more can you ask for?

2. Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals is heralded as one of the most trustworthy brands in the industry. Their products have won numerous awards from prestigious award-giving bodies. Their reputation pretty much precedes their name.

They use strict material sourcing and professional business practices that create little to no negative impact on the environment as well as for the product users. They feature a wide variety of CBD products from oils, isolates, vape juices, capsules, and pet products. Bluebird Botanicals is a brand with a holistic approach bot to your wellbeing and to your CBD needs.

3. Charlotte’s Web CBD Oils

The people behind Charlotte’s Web understand that their mission to provide a better future for those who seek the betterment of mind, body, and soul is a “lofty goal.” But they also know that with the progress and advancement of today’s bureaucracy steers our future towards that direction.

The folks at CW believes that their company didn’t start out as an organization with an eye for profit. They believe that their company began as a mission. A brave undertaking of 7 brothers to help a little girl to overcome epilepsy. Charlotte Figi, after Charlotte’s Web was aptly named after suffered from Dravet Syndrome, a rare variety of epilepsy. Charlotte Figi ended up with her doctors telling her there’s not much they can do for her and her frequent epileptic attacks – until the Stanley brothers came. The main proponents and the guys behind Charlotte’s Web introduced Charlotte Figi which eventually helped her manage her condition.

This touching story was one of the main reasons that kicked the gears of CBD legalization into movement.

Today, Charlotte’s Web is now a known CBD oil brand that manufactures the best and the safest products on the market.

4. NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oils

NuLeaf Naturals is a premium wellness brand that offers organic and natural CBD oils. This means that their products are free from additives, preservatives, and any other synthetic compound that can harm the human body. NuLeaf products are perfect for individuals who have allergic reactions to certain chemical compounds and even those that are simply watchful of what they put inside their bodies.

Like all the companies on our list, CBD oils under the NuLeaf brand are third-party tested and are subject to strict and stringent lab testing which not only ensures clarity and purity but also ensures that every bottle of CBD oil has the proper amount of CBD.

Also, we loved that the plant matter used by NuLeaf is locally grown. Farms growing therapeutic hemp require licensure which means that they’re strictly monitored by the governing body of their respective states. From farm to bottle, NuLeaf Naturals ensure high quality.


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