Marijuana Growing

Oil cannabis is one of their products, and that if you want to make it at home. You need to invest time and money in it if you want a good return. When making cannabis oil at home for the patient, you should always use top quality eyeglasses from the factory. When looking at a particular strain, you should aim for high THC content.

Spring is coming, the sun is heating up, our cheeks and earth are awake. Let’s talk about germinating seedlings, growing seedlings from them, and letting it grow into a beautiful green beauty that will make you happy both with its appearance and its effects. Plants must also be organically grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides they may be in your final product. Another important factor is the selection of the dominant Indica species rather than the dominant species Sativa. Because this is a prominent Indica species, it results in sleep within the patient and it is scientifically proven that the human body is the best.

How to Choose the Right Seeds and a Variety of Hemp for Growth

If you have a chance, it’s always better. They are especially selective hemp seeds with a 99% chance that they will be female. That means that you should not have males that can polluter the seeds, and the seeds do not need to be processed in the future. The male is a plant that is full of pollen that is why we want the female. Of course, if we want to plant seeds, it is indispensable.

Cannadorra Introduces Various Seeds of CBD

CBD Candy Kush Fem is a periodic Indica with inflorescence. After 8-9 weeks, the variety has a distinctly sweet taste and rich OG Kush scent. The medium is bush. This breed is suitable for making condensate and extracts. If given one or two extra weeks of flowering, it will reward you with a large production.

Choosing a location for hemp planting

We can plant it outside the garden or on the porch in the woods on the field. The advantage of CBD growth is that it is quite easy because it is a garden. The plant has more space and promises to have bigger and higher plants. The disadvantage is the attack on pests, animals, drafts, storms, and at the very least. However, it is not possible for the police to discover the plant and to seize it.


We have two options like we put seeds. Directly into the surface about 1 cm deep, keep the water and keep behind the window. The germination temperature is 25 degrees. We drain and ventilate regularly. Buds will appear within a few days. If you sow more seed and they sprout, divide the seedlings before their roots are tangled. Management must be careful not to damage the cauliflower. We can also let the seeds germinate in water first on cotton wool pieces soaked with water, which will be placed only later on the surface. This, though, means more management and puts a higher risk of damaging seedlings. Germination is not 100%. That’s why it should be planted more seeds.

Grow marijuana in a greenhouse or outside

After we germinate seeds and seedlings about 15-20 cm, it is ready for planting in soil or in large pots if you choose small at the beginning. Marijuana needs a lot of sunshine at all stages of its growth. It is necessary to choose a sunny spot. But it is protected. The quality and fertility of the soil is a very important factor. The soil pH should be pH 7 to 7.3. It is recommended to grow marijuana plants with tomato seedlings. At the same time, cannabis drains the moisture and helps the tomatoes not get moldy.

Conclusion: Growth of marijuana

Consider that the plant requires space for its root growth. Keep watering the tree continuously. The growth phase will be around the end of August and the plant will begin to grow. (Around late October) it is good to trim the trees and maintain the height. Harvesting the eye can be used for making tea, tinctures, wax, etc. First of all, we dry the eye at a temperature of 20 ° C for 14 days or at 15 ° C for about 3-4 weeks. Of course, we can reduce the time by using the dryer.

This method has the advantage of controlling growth because we have plants in growing boxes or closets. That means we do not risk being caught. On the other hand, taking care of the right environment and investing in equipment required for indoor growth. Before making any investments in your project, it is recommended to take expert advice, how to take the necessary steps? Also, you need to be knowledgeable about your legal terms and constitutional laws.