CBD in Japan

The world is becoming more open towards cannabis. Japan has a strict approach to psychoactive substances – but what is its attitude towards CBD?

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants humans have cultivated throughout history. It can feed us, dress us up and give us shelter. Every part of the plant can serve practical purposes – from the seeds, through flowers, to leaves.

Contrary to marijuana, which remains illegal in most areas of the world, hemp doesn’t contain psychoactive THC or does in trace amounts. In recent years, the issue of hemp-derived products has been regularized. Even countries with strict drug politics have decided to make CBD oils and similar hemp products entirely legal. Japan is a good example.

Why is it worth using CBD oil?

Through thousands of years of hemp’s use, we’ve developed a cannabinoid system adapted to absorbing the beneficial substances contained by the plant. Our body produces endocannabinoids, which are responsible for maintaining homeostasis. The cannabinoid receptors, on the other hand, can also make use out of the ingested hemp-derived substances, like CBD.

The beneficial effects of CBD oil are numerous. It has anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and antifungal properties. Thus, it can be a great support in treating autoimmune and chronic diseases. At the same time, CBD oil regulates the mood, having an anti-psychotic and relaxing effect. Consuming CBD oils on a regular basis can also help patients who are dealing with chronic pain.

The usage of hemp has a long history in Japan, but in recent decades, the worldwide criminalization of cannabis use has given it negative publicity. And how are things today?

CBD in Japan – is it legal?

Japan is known for its strict drug policy. While many countries worldwide are taking steps towards the legalization of THC-containing cannabis products, the Country of The Rising Sun is not expected to change its attitude anytime soon. It doesn’t mean, however, that hemp-derived products are not legal in Japan. Quite contrarily – various CBD products, including CBD oils and plants for vape, are currently legal there. You can read more about them on https://www.multilingirl.com/2021/05/cbd-vape.html.

Note, however, that there are strict norms regarding their composition. CBD oil in Japan cannot contain any THC – even in trace amounts. That’s why it’s essential to check the composition of the CBD products before ordering them online or bringing them to the country. Of course, the domestic products made from hemp available on the Japanese market have a verified composition, but the foreign ones may not meet the regulations. For verified products in Japan, check https://www.bestcbdshop.jp/.