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The more the popularity grows, the more we learn about the advantages of CBD. In most cases, it is even used as an alternative therapy. Can athletes use it? Sure. More and more professionals and amateurs choose CBD to feel its advantages during training.

CBD – can it help improve sports performance?

Many studies still need to be done to find out how CBD can work with sports. Many studies also indicate that there are good effects of CBD oil.

Thanks to its advantages, the CBD is suitable for people who come from different sectors and for this reason athletes also use them. Following you will find some examples that could interest you as a sportsman interested in the CBD.

CBD helps reduce the stress hormone

In the human body, the adrenal glands have to work a lot. They are responsible for the production of adrenaline, cortisol, and steroids. Hormones are crucial for the functioning of the body, regulating stress, metabolism and even the immune system.

Cortisol secretion is important but must also be regulated. A study shows that CBD helps reduce the secretion of cortisol and thus also its presence in the blood. This way you don’t have to stress anymore. This is why you see people who have a healthier life.

Anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD

Inflammation is something that can cause you difficulty in dealing with physical activity. The result is the need to have something that can help you with the infection. The CBD is exactly what can help you. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of CBD can get you back to your physical activities as soon as possible.

Research shows that more and more athletes use CBD and no prescription drugs or at least they intend to take it. The best part is that you can use hemp creams and CBD gels directly on the affected area.

CBD as a painkiller

If you train sometimes you have pain. This could be because you are doing it wrong or you have stretched a muscle. No matter when it happens, this pain can be unbearable for some people. This is why everyone would like to have the best pain medication.

The CBD, beyond its anti-inflammatory action, is also very effective in terms of pain. As you can see, sportsmen could use the CBD and include it in their kits.

CBD reduces anxiety

Every person has a little anxiety

Now, there is no doubt that you will use CBD to manage anxiety. There is no doubt that you will begin to use the CBD willingly based on all the studies that show its advantages.

Even sportsmen can exploit it by freeing themselves from anxiety. The use of CBD oil is also suitable for those who have a post-tramautical disorder who is thus able to resume their physical activities. As soon as the anxiety is reduced you can work better if it is your training as a sportsman.

CBD helps to control weight

Another important aspect of the CBD is that it can also help you control weight. Most athletes often try to manage their weight better. Studies have shown that CBD and weight management are related.

Cannabidiol is the only cannabinoid that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has officially removed from the list of prohibited substances. The World Anti-Doping Agency is a public-private foundation that aims to coordinate the fight against doping in sport and that every year in September draws up a list of prohibited substances for professional sportsmen and 2018 was the year in which the cannabidiol was officially removed from this list to the delight of many athletes.

This decision was supported by numerous scientific researches that confirm the positive effects of CBD for those who practice sport intensively or for those who find themselves having to find balance after a period of extreme physical effort or an injury and the almost complete lack of effects side.

But what are the beneficial effects of CBD for athletes?

CBD can be considered an excellent supplement for those who practice sport at a competitive level: in fact, the properties of this cannabinoid are many and are perfectly applied to the life of the sportsman, moreover (unlike the cannabinoid THC) the cannabidiol (full name of the CBD) it is completely devoid of psychoactive effects and does not influence in any way the behavior and brain function of those who take it.

The main feature that makes CBD love for sports professionals is its natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Its regenerating and relaxing effect on muscles and tissues is recommended for people suffering from chronic pain or inflammation. For example, there are many cases of use of CBD among American football players, sports with a high level of stress for the physical and which in time leads to serious consequences on the health of the athletes.

Specifically, the CBD is indicated by many sports trainers for the intense post-sport muscle recovery phase when fatigue and muscle discomfort are perceived (think for example of a marathon or a cycling race that requires truly prolonged efforts over time). At the end of the sporting activity, it is, in fact, essential to limit the accumulation of lactic acid and it is possible to do so if the muscles are relaxed.

In this way this molecule, extracted from Cannabis, improves and speeds up the recovery of the organism through the action it has on the receptors of our endocannabinoid system, allowing an effective muscle relaxation and the consequent regeneration of the tissues compromised by sporting effort.

Supplements based on CBD VS non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Post-physical inflammation, although a natural reparative process for the body, can lead to serious consequences, such as chronic pain and tissue changes, when unchecked. For this reason, in the case of inflammation, drugs are used to limit this process. Think about how useful a natural supplement that has no important side effects could help you find relief after excessive physical effort and injuries.

The drugs used to treat inflammation are mainly NSAIDs (or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) which, if used repeatedly, can have disastrous side effects on kidney and stomach function. But also cause liver problems and platelet aggregation. Currently, the abuse of anti-inflammatory drugs in the sports field is a very important issue and the CBD seems to be currently the best feasible strategy for many international sports coaches who care about the health of their athletes.

Balance of body and mind

It is good to know that between sleep and sport there is a very strong bond. Sport helps to combine sleep and good sleep is necessary for professional sportsmen. During sleep the muscle fibers of the injured muscles are repaired and, during the REM phase, the body slows down, restores the organs, builds bones and produces immune cells.

It is important to remember, however, that intense physical activity before falling asleep can hinder our sleep. Several studies have shown that the use of CBD can calm the effects of adrenaline and stress, thus regularizing physiological sleep even in periods when physical activity is very intense, such as during periods of excessive training or after important competitions.

Furthermore, for those who have to participate in competitions or those suffering from important stress, CBD is an excellent ally to calm the mind and find relief from anxiety and agitation. In fact, another well-known use of CBD is to improve generalized anxiety, which is certainly not an unknown phenomenon in the world of professional sport.

The specific benefits of CBD for athletes are so many and to find out if this product is for you just have to try it and discover the many advantages of this supplement with a thousand potentials.