CBD for anxiety

While people generally do not consider stress as something desirable, it must be understood that it is a natural reaction of our body. Stress can protect us from all possible dangers, and thus contribute to well-being and safety. Through fear, people can recognize and avoid potential threats. People are motivated by fear of taking certain measures to improve their situation (improve relationships, pay bills, work harder, etc.). However, some individuals are not able to deal adequately with these natural reactions. Feelings of fear can limit us in our daily life and adversely affect our relationships and productivity. They also lead to clinically diagnosed anxiety disorders.

How could CBD treat anxiety according to studies?

Based on animal studies, human studies have begun to show that CBD could alleviate several commonly reported anxiety disorders. These include anxiety, social phobia, and acute stress.

Brazilian scientists conducted a study of patients induced by generalized social anxiety. The researchers validated the patient’s subjective reports using brain scans that indicated uniform cerebral blood flow patterns with an anxiolytic effect.

In another investigation, examiners took samples from patients diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) who were asked to perform a simulated test of public speaking. The participants reported tremendously less anxiety. These findings were supported by symptoms of real anxiety, including blood pressure and heart rate. The researchers concluded that CBD significantly reduced cognitive decline, anxiety, as well as discomfort in speech performance.

What is the proper dose of CBD to treat anxiety?

For beginners it is recommended to take between 25 and 50 mg of a day, being able to increase the intake after 3 days. Overcoming a dose in which there is not too much or too little CBD when treating a particular condition can decrease the effectiveness of CBD. For more detailed information, read our article on the dose of CBD.

A study published in 1990 revealed that while low to moderate doses of CBD reduce anxiety, a higher dose may reduce its effectiveness. The authors point to an inverted U replica to the CBD. Of the four treatments confirmed, the lowest dose indicated a mild anxiolytic effect. The second lower dose showed the greatest anxiolytic effect. In addition, while the third dose had a moderate impact, the highest dose had no impact. However, additional studies are needed to determine if CBD is anxiolytic in humans.

A renowned cannabinoid pharmacologist named Roger Pertwee defined the dose of CBD in high, medium and low. How it was planned, a low and moderate dose is effective to reduce stress and promote the effectiveness it has in, for example, an occasion when someone has to speak in public. These positive effects are connected to the recovery of standard functions in critical parts associated with emotions and anxiety.

The science behind Cannabidiol and anxiety

The functions of the CBD are activated when interacting with CB1 and CB2 receivers. This interaction explains why CBD is not psychoactive compared to THC. CBD is ideal for people who prefer not to stand.

Cannabinoids are responsible for the regulation of mood, the sensation of pain, as well as the regulation of appetite and proper functioning of memory. CBD can increase the levels of cannabinoids naturally produced in the body, called endocannabinoids.

Quality CBD products

Since THC can cause stress, it is important to find an industrial CBD hemp oil that does not contain THC. Some products are labeled with concentrations of CBD, others with nutritional values. Depending on the manufacturing method, the products may also contain cannabinoids such as THC, pesticides, and fungi. They may also contain other substances and impurities introduced during the manufacturing process.

CBD Oil offers high-quality CBD products that are tested and certified by independent laboratories. Our products are subjected to concentration, quality and ingredients tests. Our products provide detailed information about the type of test and its results.

Consult your professional doctor

Talk to your doctor about the use of CBD oil to treat your anxiety disorder. Let them know and let them explain if the CBD could give you a reaction you do not want to have. If you experience any side effects, you should talk to your doctor as well.

Remember that everyone is different. The CBD may require less time for some and more time for others to be effective. Follow the instructions on the label meticulously and any indication that is written or prescribed by your doctor for better results.

Ratings on the use of CBD against anxiety

These people are people using CBD oil against anxiety. Several studies indicate that CBD has helped reduce the stress of individuals suffering from anxiety-related disorders. According to testimonies and assessments below, some individuals who previously suffered from anxiety had almost instantaneous results using CBD Oil. For others, it took a couple of weeks for his body to acquire sufficient levels of CBD to have a positive impact. Like any serious illness, it can be something that changes your life, once it has disappeared.