Cannabis Strains

Even if you are not a regular smoker, you are probably aware of the huge and confusing range of cannabis strains available today.

Names that are as unique as they are fun, such as Bubblegum XL, Chocolate haze, and Royal Jack Automatic appear every day. However, some people wonder if there really is a difference between all of these strains aside from their names. In short: yes, absolutely.

It is possible to establish the differences according to three main factors: the effects linked to consumption or ingestion, the aromas they send into the air and the flavor they deposit on your tongue. Maybe you want a high that will calm your body down while spreading lemony scents in the air. Perhaps you prefer a stimulating effect accompanied by chocolaty scents. There are varieties that will come to bed if you inhale a little too much and others that you can smoke all day without fear of going too far. Whatever your desires, we have the seeds for you.


Along with the effects, the flavor is among the most important things to consider when choosing a strain. Regardless of the method of consumption, the taste will be felt, so it is important that it is suitable for you. Are you the sweet type? The Fruit Spirit could be the variety you need with these waves of fruity flavors of blueberries with each inhalation. Or maybe you prefer to pop into a candy store with the Bubblegum XL.

Maybe you’re not in a sweet mood, too. In this case, we would like your attention to turn to Green Gelato instead, which offers sweet and earthy elements waltzing with hints of citrus. And of course, no one can say no to a touch of chocolate! There’s no shortage of options to satisfy this sweet tooth, but if you want our opinion, Chocolate Haze is clearly above the rest.


For those who are not used to its smell, grass only smells like grass, nothing more. But if you start spending time near different varieties, you will start to notice the nuances of them. Some keep a low profile, while others go out of their way to let your neighbor on the first floor know about your culture, even if you live on the fifth floor.

For those who wish to remain discreet, you are fortunate to have several options available. You might be thinking to yourself “but, yet, I’ve always been told that a strong scent is a good sign.” Some overpowered strains do indeed smell just as potent, but that doesn’t mean the more understated ones will be less potent. The Northern Light, for example, is a powerful Indica that comprises 18% THC without making a fuss. The Blue Mystic accomplishes the same goals, while embracing the air of berry and lavender scents, but without overdoing it.

You may also not be that worried about stealth and prefer a smell that does not go away. The Haze Berry, for example, fills the room of an olfactory forest full of fruity delights. The Royal Automatic Jack, on the other hand, the consumer asparagus odor pepper and herbs that awaken the culinary chef in all of us.

Wake Up

Strains like Lemon Shining Silver Haze and Sour Diesel are glorious, glorious early morning weeds. For a champion’s breakfast, to satisfy your cravings for sweet or sour, these two connoisseur-grade cannabis strains are among the best. Both are hugely potent with sky-high levels of THC and they are bursting with flavor. Fill up on energy to start the day off right by getting high.


It is necessarily the Euphoria for the social smoking sessions. Relax and feel the good vibes, preferably in good company. This balanced hybrid is high in CBD, but in fact, it almost hits parity between CBD and THC levels. It is perfect for interesting discussions around a few joints.


All the ideas for new big-budget Hollywood movies come from the 1980s, just like Chocolate Haze. You could well say that as the original Chocolate Thai mysteriously vanished when the decade ended, all the cinematic creativity followed. Smoking Chocolate Haze is a real treat for the brain. It is ideally suited for all kinds of creative activities and in addition with an unbeatable sweet chocolate taste.

Relaxation And Sleep

Nothing calms and soothes the mind and body like good old Northern Light. But, if you have a high tolerance for phenomenal THC levels and love couch potatoes, then you need Royal Gorilla. These dense silver buds are renowned the world over for sending smokers straight to dreamland to savor at the end of the evening to sleep well.

Last Words

Pineapple Kush and Somango XL are the guarantees for good munchies. Their exotic fruity flavors will whet your appetite and you will feel the effects immediately. Pineapple Kush and Somango XL are Indica-dominant hybrids. They contain just enough Sativa genetics to tone down the heavily lethargic Indica high. The result is a long-lasting soft feeling. It is perfect for using or inspiring cannabis cooking.