CBD Vape Oil

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is one of the main cannabinoids produced by the Cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive but is proving to have surprising therapeutic properties. According to a growing number of studies, the oral administration of CBD oils offers effective antispasmodic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory and anti-epileptic properties. Vaporization is proving to be the most reliable method of administering this precious cannabinoid. This led us to investigate the specific characteristics of E-Liquid with CBD.

The most efficient way to take CBD is through the pulmonary system. Vaporization has proven to be the healthiest and most effective way to administer CBD through the lungs and, therefore, the bloodstream. Smoking is much more dangerous, as it exposes these delicate organs to hundreds of pyrolytic toxic compounds resulting from combustion. The ingestion of food based on CBD, on the other hand, maybe less efficient, since the efficacy depends on the product, while the assimilation of the active ingredients is less regular and the bioavailability of CBD is limited. Injecting cannabidiol oil would make no sense and could be extremely dangerous. And here vaporization comes into play, a method that offers benefits right from the first puffs and high bioavailability.


Remember that CBD oils formulated to be taken by mouth cannot be vaporized. The CBD oils that are ingested, in fact, are almost always based on olive oil. E-liquids with CBD, on the other hand, have been specially formulated for vaporization. Therefore do not use CBD oils intended for oral consumption.


Vaporization was originally conceived as an alternative method of taking traditional medicines based on medicinal herbs, especially in China. This revolutionary technique spread throughout the world when it was adopted by some companies to manufacture the first electronic cigarettes. The success was such that thousands of people began to make extensive use of it.

Without going too far into the scientific and technological details of these devices, the vaporizers are equipped with a heating source that overheats an E-Liquid, a liquid containing the compounds to be taken. These sources can be made of different materials, but their purpose is always the same: to generate heat. The liquid is overheated to its point of vaporization, without reaching the combustion temperature and, consequently, without releasing toxic particles. E-liquids can be sold in the form of single-dose cartridges in absorbent wadding with a pressure element, almost always compatible with different models of pen vaporizer and electronic cigarettes. However, larger sizes can also be found, such as refill cartridges for larger vaporizer models.

Vaporization is the great trend of this 2017. It is not only the best way to take CBD for therapeutic purposes but also in the recreational field it offers extraordinary possibilities thanks to the modern psychoactive extracts recently released on the market. Vaporization has been embraced with great enthusiasm by cannabis communities around the world. Who does not want to perceive any psychoactive effect, can try an infinite number of E-Liquid with delicious flavors.


E-liquids are almost always composed of vegetable glycerol (GV) or propylene glycol (GP). In these basic solvents, other compounds are added to provide flavors, aromas or special effects. Some liquids contain terpenes and other essential oils intended for aromatherapy, others contain nicotine, effective for those trying to quit smoking. Similarly, CBD can also be added in order to exploit its therapeutic benefits through vaporization.

Neither vegetable glycerol nor propylene glycol is harmful and both are widely used by the food industry to make humectants or sweeteners. When storing dyes and extracts, GV offers better properties than alcohol. GP is used as a basic ingredient for injection medications. Both have a liquid and transparent consistency, odorless and semi-viscous, and can be easily heated, vaporized and inhaled safely.

E-Liquid WithCbd

Steaming and CBD go hand in hand. Thanks to this technology, cannabidiol can be taken through the lungs (the most effective method), without minimally damaging the respiratory tract and bringing important benefits.

When choosing a liquid containing CBD to be vaporized, some points must be taken into consideration.

Does The E-Liquid Be Transparent & Homogenous?

Backlight, an E-Liquid should be transparent and not dark. As with any other liquid to be vaporized, if it is cloudy and dark it may contain contaminants of dubious origin. A liquid with CBD to be vaporized of top quality must be transparent and uniform. If you notice a deposit on the bottom and the oil floats on top, then the particles that have settled could easily damage the vaporizer or inhibit the availability of CBD.

How Is Cbd Oil Extracted?

Always make sure to use CBD oil extracted without potentially harmful solvents. Royal Queen Seeds CBD E-Liquids are produced with a sophisticated patented extraction process. Starting from raw pasta extracted with carbon dioxide, a liquid free of waxes, chlorophyll and fat impurities is obtained. This method keeps the beneficial terpenes and all the best Cannabis flavors unchanged. Our E-Liquids also contain considerable amounts of CBD, suitably tested by independent laboratories. You can consult the results of our analyzes to find out what you are buying.

What Are The Most Reliable Cbd Suppliers?

Ethics always plays an important role when buying any product. The same principle applies to the CBD. Knowing the origin of a product that you will introduce into your body is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises. By doing a simple internet search, you can find the best CBD oils from organic or sustainable cannabis crops. What agricultural practices are used? What are the production processes? And what about the extraction processes? These are the questions you will have to ask yourself in order to discard the possibility of buying products with pesticides, microorganisms and toxic substances.


The companies that produce E-Liquid must be willing to provide you with all the laboratory tests on their products. If you do not have them, avoid buying from them and continue the search. The data shown on the labels must be officially certified by the laboratory. The consumer himself will change the market models, realizing these accurate quality controls. Therefore, always try to do the appropriate research and leave your comments on the products that have given you the best results. The comments are indeed the consumer’s most powerful weapon in this digital age.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the cannabinoid that arouses greater interest among medical communities and people interested in using cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Vaporization is proving to be the most effective method of administering CBD. Only in-depth research will guarantee you the best products on the market, able to satisfy your needs and offer you the best benefits.