Grow Tents for CBD

If you use the herb for recreational or therapeutic purposes, chances are you’ve thought about growing your own herb in Grow Tents is important.

Fortunately, growing grass indoors is not as difficult as it is often said. Here are easy steps to start growing grass indoors today:

1. Find a culture area

The first step to growing cannabis indoors is to find a good growing space. And even if first-time growers often imagine that they need a lot of space to care for their plants that is not entirely true.

In fact, you will be surprised to learn that you can grow very good grass almost anywhere, including closets, garages, basements, and guest rooms.

When choosing your indoor growing space, keep the following in mind:

Cannabis plants have strict light requirements: Your plants will need periods of severe darkness during which no outside light should enter the growing space, and disturb your plants. This can cause stress and affect the health and yields of plants.

Temperature/humidity: Humidity and temperature used to be extremely vital points to count into consideration at the time of growing cannabis. You will need to grow in a space where you will have as much control over temperature and humidity as possible, to maximize the potential of your plant (s).

Cannabis needs a lot of air: Air circulation assists maintain temperature and humidity levels steady throughout the grow room. Poor air circulation can cause your plants a lot of problems and expose them to mold and other diseases.

2. Install reflective walls

Once you’ve found the right growing space, you’ll need to start arranging it for your plants. The first step is to install reflective walls.

The reflective walls help directly as much light as possible onto your plants, which results in high yields and delicious buds. This mainly allows you to increase the power of your lights without increasing your electricity costs.

There are different options for installing reflective walls in your growing space:

Growing tents:

Tents are a very popular option among indoor growers. They have reflective walls specially designed for cannabis grow lights. This means they don’t melt due to the warmth of your lights and offer the best levels of reflectivity among all of the options listed here. The growing tents are also very easy to pitch and usually come with everything you need to get a good harvest. Check for small bubbles or pockets that form in the walls of the tent, as they will reduce the reflectivity of your space.

Matt white latex paint:

Matt white latex paint is available in all paint stores and offers high reflectivity (between 85 and 95%). It happens to be also very easy of applying and doesn’t create small pockets or bubbles (like the walls to grow tents) that can decrease the reflectivity in your growing space.

Panda plastic film:

Panda plastic film is a kind of film that you can install easily along the walls of your grow room, making use of Velcro or nails. It also offers levels of reflectivity similar to that of matt white latex paint (85-95%). Panda wrap, however, can be expensive, especially if you need a lot. In addition, plastic can also melt if it gets too hot from the lights. As with the walls of the tent, you will need to prevent the plastic from forming bubbles or pockets.

3. Manage light leaks

Keep in mind that cannabis plants use to be very sensitive towards the light, particularly at the time of their dark periods. Any kind of light that enters your growing space during periods of darkness can disrupt the rhythm of your plants and cause stress.

Growers often debate the impact of light leaks on plants. Some claim that even the smallest leaks can unnecessarily stress your plants, while others think the problem is a bit of an exaggeration.

Small leaks can ultimately slow plant growth and affect the size and quality of your crops. It is easy to detect small leaks. If you’re growing in a room, just turn on your lights, stay outside the room, and spot the little rays of light coming out. After all, if the light escapes from your room, you can be sure that it will also infiltrate.

4. Install an air filter

Unless you happen to be enough fortunate to live in an area where the cultivation of Grass is legal, there is a good chance that you want to keep your operation rather secret. So you will wish to diminish the smell of your plants.

Most of the cannabis growers choose purifiers or carbon filters. These are similar kinds of filters used to filter the odor from car exhausts, so you can be sure they will do a good job and clean the air in your grow room.


The technique behind these filters is simple: Air passes through the filter, which contains activated carbon, which absorbs odors and other impurities from the air before returning them again. The most common method of installing carbon filters is to attach them to your extraction system (see below). In this way, the hot air from inside your grow room is sucked through the filter and purified, before being sent outside.