After Uruguay had fully legalized cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use in 2013, its terrain became a real gem for growers. One of the first and the most efficient companies in the field of cannabis manufacturing was WeGrower Alliance, a young but ambitious player in the world cannabis market.

Since its creation in 2019, when the area of cannabis growing under the banner of WeGrower was only 2,900 sq.m, WeGrower provided business scaling increasing the number of sq.m. for hemp fields up to 12,900 sq.m. And it is not the end, the representatives of the company said.

What perspectives does WeGrower Alliance claim?

  • The average area for growing marijuana will increase by 3,5 times in the next 15 years.
  • The number of effective and fruitful strains selected by WeGrower lab pros will be constantly increasing.
  • The company is already working with several authorities i.e. Society of Cannabis Clinicians, Empiria Labs, Banco Agrario de Colombia. Its scope of interest also includes achieving of FDA license in the nearest future.
  • New technology implementation is a key direction of a company’s development. This means WeGrower is implementing hi-tech solutions both in growing or researching processes along with customer support and partnership solutions.
  • Spreading its influence over the world. Today, WeGrower Alliance is already well-known in the American and European markets. The company adds to this development of the Eastern European market and Australian market.

Besides its high status as a reliable CBD and full-spectrum cannabis production manufacturer, WeGrower also provides exclusive options for employment.

Today, the company includes such subdivisions:

  • Laboratories where new strains of cannabis are selected, genetic tests, and research are held. All labs are equipped due to QC and UHPLC standards.
  • Fields and greenhouses where selected strains are growing.
  • Manufacture itself where extraction of cannabinoids and raw material processing is performed.
  • Distribution subdivision that is responsible for communications with clientele.

Besides, the company involves highly qualified experts and professionals to provide the highest level of services, implement hi-tech innovations i.e. its own application GROWERCASH developed for investor’s goals.

Being among the most rapidly grown enterprises in the field of cannabis-based production, WeGrower offers exclusive working conditions to its personnel. It is one of the top-rated Uruguayan enterprises now.

The growth of the market itself provided an increase in the interest in investments in cannabis manufactures. Due to this, WeGrower Alliance had also provided an innovative approach that shows high income for investors. The possible income when investing in WeGrower production is over 750% due to its analytics forecasts.

The future of the cannabis industry seems bright today. So for potential investors, this type of innovative product can be a real booster if invested in it correctly. Take WeGrower experience as an example of an innovative yet reliable management strategy and get all the merits from cannabis investments with this company.