CBD for Mothers

Hemp is used in various fields, including that of pharmacology. Today, there are different solutions available for consuming CBD, including CBD-rich hemp oil and hemp tincture .

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is one of the cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa, also called cultivated hemp. Unlike THC, it is not considered a narcotic because it does not produce any psychotropic effects and does not induce addiction. CBD, present in large proportions in the hemp plant, is mainly extracted from Cannabis flowers, and at a small level from cannabis seeds (Hemp Seed) and stems. We’ve covered CBD oil before, but are hemp tinctures that contain CBD a good option for consuming CBD?

Benefits of hemp tincture for consuming CBD

CBD can be consumed in different forms. It can be smoked in its vegetable form (herb) or in resin form (hashish), it can be inhaled as vaporization through an electronic cigarette, it can also be used orally in the form of teas, infusions or decoctions, cakes, lozenges, capsules, oils, and used locally in the form of gel or cosmetic cream.

But one product allows better bio-availability and better ingestion of cannabinoids: the mother tincture. These preparations can be mixed with fruit juices, or with foods such as yogurts for example to reduce the bitterness of the liquid, but this is when it is administered sublingually (from Latin: sub = under and lingua = language) that it is the most effective.

A mother tincture is a hydroalcoholic solution (water / alcohol) made from fresh plants and alcohol

Cannabis Sativa macerates for several weeks in pure alcohol at 60 ° or 90 °, protected from light. The alcohol will serve as a solvent to recover the maximum number of molecules and reach a maximum concentration. The liquid thus loaded with the active elements of hemp and other terpenes, is filtered to obtain a ready-to-use liquid which contains a concentrate of all the benefits of the plant from which it is extracted. Mother tinctures are the basis of most homeopathic medicines and are also used in herbal medicine (essential oil tinctures) and are therefore subject to rigorous controls by laboratories.

The dosage of the CBD tincture is generally allowed by glass vials with a pipette and its physico chemical properties allow a sublingual (under the tongue) or buccal route of administration, ie between the cheek and the gum. The active substance is quickly absorbed by the many blood vessels that are present under the tongue and in the mouth. Unlike the oral route, the sublingual route prevents the degradation of certain active ingredients by acidic gastric juices and intestinal enzymes. It also avoids the bio-transformation induced by passage through the liver, and therefore elimination of the active molecules before they can act and relieve pain. This form of consumption is therefore very interesting for consumers who want rapid appeasement of their disorders, because the action is much faster than by conventional ingestion.

  • The amount of CBD necessary for the desired effect can also be less since the bio-availability is maximum in sublingual intake. The hemp tincture therefore has the same properties as another product with an equal rate of CBD, its effect is generalized to the whole body and reaches the cannabinoid receptors on the nerve cells very quickly.
  • Systemic bio-availability is equal to or even greater than that of CBD absorbed through the respiratory tract (joint or e-cigarette) without the drawbacks and negative effects associated with combustion products. No risk to the lungs or the bronchi, no smoke, no bad breath, no nuisance for its neighbors.
  • In general, mother tinctures are not recommended for children, or for pregnant or breastfeeding women because they contain alcohol.

The therapeutic properties of CBD

By the end of the 19th century the use of medical cannabis as a medicinal plant was common, but in the first half of the 20th century, its recreational use worked against it and led to the decline of its medical use. to achieve total prohibition. At the same time, the development of synthetic drugs has helped to rule out this natural product. However, the medical utility of cannabis is now widely accepted and has grown since professionals have created cannabis strains that concentrate THC levels below legal thresholds and high CBD percentages. This allows a non-narcotic use but still medically very effective without harmful effects.

CBD tincture is a great option for those who want to soothe their chronic pain or other symptoms without the psychotropic effects of recreational cannabis and without the toxicity of certain pharmaceutical drugs that can cause serious digestive upset.


It is known for its therapeutic, pain-relieving and anti-stress properties and can be prescribed for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, or even anti-epileptic properties. CBD is also recognized, following numerous clinical trials, as being more effective than certain traditional drug treatments in relieving the symptoms of certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma or arthritis. . it might even increased the process of apoptosis in destroying cancer cells.